Canada FOODEX JAPAN 2022

画像提供:Candace Hansma -Kamloops Farmer’s Market

幕張メッセ Hall3(3B10)
2022年3月8日(火)~ 3月11日(金)
出展名 ブースNo. ホームページ
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 3B10-09
Alberta Agriculture Industry 3B10-20
BC Blueberry Council 3B10-05
Bunge Loders Croklaan 3B10-013
Canada Beef International Institute 3B10-01
Canadian Oats Milling Ltd 3B10-16
Cavendish Farms 3B10-11
Dare Foods Limited 3B10-17
Gouvernement du Quebec 3B10-08
Government of British Columbia 3B10-14
Maple Foods Limited 3B10-19
Nabati Foods Inc. 3B10-21
Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods (West) Inc. 3B10-18
Nokomis Maple Products 3B10-07
Notaboo Corp 3B10-06
Prestige Maple 3B10-12
Sunway Specialty Commodities Inc. 3B10-15